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Property Summits brings together 5of the most respected, skilled and experienced names in the property industry. 

Together, we offer clients a staggering 100+ years of experience in property investment, residential development, debt & equity finance, tax and succession planning.

Tony Gimple, John Howard, Nicholas Wallwork, Paul Mahoney, and Richard Bush lead a series of high-value masterclasses and panel debates to deliver an unprecedented level of expertise and value to those who attend.

At a time when reputation and authenticity play a vital role in property education events, the industry has never before seen the level of track record and experience that our five experts bring to the table.

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Stepping into the world of property development is exciting, scary and demanding.
More profit from property – that’s the goal! But just how easy is that to achieve, in reality?
In this unique one-day event, we’ll share everything you need to decide if you have what it takes.

November 6th 2021

Cobham Hilton, Surrey

Meet our panellists who represent a combined £1.5bn of property portfolio value

Brand Entrepreneur is the culmination of Tony Gimple’s 45-years of hard-won practical experience across a range of sectors, not least of which is the Private Rental Sector (PRS) where he’s been primarily working with Buy-To-Let (BTL) Landlords, Property Investors and Developers.

Known for his direct no-nonsense approach, Tony is a leading property tax and succession planning commentator, as well as being an accomplished and sought-after speaker at national property events.

Find out more about Tony’s expertise on his LinkedIn profile: 

And, for more information on Brand Entrepreneur visit their website here:

John is an accomplished property developer with four decades of experience under his belt. Additionally, he is a director of numerous successful property companies, as well as being an author, event speaker and recommended mentor.

To find out more, visit his website at

Nicholas is a seasoned property developer and investor, and CEO of the world’s largest international property forum. He is also an international author with the For Dummies brand and an advocate for free educational property material on his YouTube Channel.

You can find out more about Nicholas on his website here:

Or subscribe to his online forum, Property Forum, here to join the discussion with more property developer, investors and landlords alike:

Paul is the founder of Nova Financial Group as well as a property entrepreneur and landlord. In addition, Paul is also a best-selling author, Property TV show host and award-winning speaker.

Paul is a qualified and experienced Independent Financial Advisor (IFA).

To find out more, check out his company website here:

Richard has been in the property market for a long time and survived many dips and downfalls and is a very knowledgeable member of our Property Summits panel. He is co-founder of Crowdlords, a property crowdfunding platform and is highly respected in B2B branding and marketing.

Visit to find out more.

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