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The next Property Forecast will be aired on 15th April 2021 at 8 pm.

Property Forecast Team

Every quarter throughout 2021 and beyond, the 5 Property Summits panellists will host a ‘one of a kind’ Property Forecast online, giving their expert insight on the VERY LATEST property market news, trends and opportunities.

Set to become a staple property news event across the industry (and an essential date for every diary), the expert-let topical content on each show will offer incredible value education – for free!

Tony Gimple, John Howard, Nicholas Wallwork, Paul Mahoney and Richard Bush will draw on their decades of specialist expertise across property investment, development, finance, tax and strategy, to provide this unique, online property news event quarterly.

The next episode of Property Forecast is…

Permitted Development Rights

This discussion will see our experts considering the changes to permitted development rights (PDR). PDR is a savvy investment strategy for property developers. With fewer planning applications needed to convert these buildings, this route is an excellent opportunity to recycle old and forgotten buildings and get them back on the market for residential use.

Emma Birchley will host the programme, guiding the conversation to include all you need to know about PDR and how this type of property development affects the property investment market. 

Our expert panellists will offer great advice to property developers looking to profit from PDR and make most of the less restrictive planning process. Whether you are considering an office-to-residential conversion or changing the use of various retail and commercial buildings, our experts will share their views and experiences of PDR.

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On 15th April, at 8 pm on SKY TV, CHANNEL 191.

Upcoming episodes will include:

Alternative Finance Methods

From Richard’s expertise in crowdfunding to Nicholas’ loan notes and Paul’s credibility as an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA), this episode of Property Forecasts covers plenty of alternative finance methods.

Join our experts in their discussion about all the different types of creative finance and, more importantly, how these can be used by all kinds of property investors and developers. They will be considering the levels of risk which are involved, their accessibility, including the costs that are associated with each method. And, of course, they will all express their opinions on each topic.

On 29th April, at 8 pm on SKY TV, CHANNEL 191.

Sustainable Property Development and Social Housing

This episode of Property Forecast will be dedicated to sustainable property development and social housing, with our experts discussing how these options work within the property industry, as well as the general property market as a whole.

An area of the property market that is certainly experiencing a shortage is social housing. Social housing and renting to social housing tenant is a great option as a potential end and exit strategy. This episode sees the conversation discussing the gap in the supply chain.

On 13th May, at 8 pm on SKY TV, CHANNEL 191.

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Part 2

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Meet our panellists who represent a combined £1.5bn of property portfolio value

Brand Entrepreneur is the culmination of Tony Gimple’s 45-years of hard-won practical experience across a range of sectors, not least of which is the Private Rental Sector (PRS) where he’s been primarily working with Buy-To-Let (BTL) Landlords, Property Investors and Developers.

Known for his direct no-nonsense approach, Tony is a leading property tax and succession planning commentator, as well as being an accomplished and sought-after speaker at national property events.

Find out more about Tony’s expertise on his LinkedIn profile: 

And, for more information on Brand Entrepreneur visit their website here:

John is an accomplished property developer with four decades of experience under his belt. Additionally, he is a director of numerous successful property companies, as well as being an author, event speaker and recommended mentor.

To find out more, visit his website at

Nicholas is a seasoned property developer and investor, and CEO of the world’s largest international property forum. He is also an international author with the For Dummies brand and an advocate for free educational property material on his YouTube Channel.

You can find out more about Nicholas on his website here:

Or subscribe to his online forum, Property Forum, here to join the discussion with more property developer, investors and landlords alike:

Paul is the founder of Nova Financial Group as well as a property entrepreneur and landlord. In addition, Paul is also a best-selling author, Property TV show host and award-winning speaker.

Paul is a qualified and experienced Independent Financial Advisor (IFA).

To find out more, check out his company website here:

Richard has been in the property market for a long time and survived many dips and downfalls and is a very knowledgeable member of our Property Summits panel. He is co-founder of Crowdlords, a property crowdfunding platform and is highly respected in B2B branding and marketing.

Visit to find out more.

Videos from Property Summits events so far...

Listen to the amazing feedback Property Summits received from it’s in-person launch event in February 2020 in London.

Watch April 2020’s online education event “How to propser through adversity and succeed in challenging markets”.

Listen to the live content from the opening seminar of Property Summits launch event in February in London.


"Brilliant and informative. All the speakers are very knowledgable in their area"


"Loads of value and content. The speakers are exceptional."

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