How To Keep Up-To-Date with Property Investment Opportunities

As a keen and avid property investor, you must keep up-to-date on the latest property investment news, property commentator’s predictions and financial trends, or anything that could bear influence on your property investment or portfolio. However, it is equally just as important to keep an ear out for property investment opportunities.

In these extremely technological times, there is a whole load of information out there! Thanks to social media platforms, forums, and seasoned investors blogs and websites, educational material surrounding property investing are not in short supply. The issue lies in finding the quality amongst the quantity. 

Keep reading to discover what you need to do as either a first-time or seasoned property investor to keep up with the best property investment opportunities and where you can find the highest quality educational material that is entirely free.

Keeping Up-To-Date and In The Loop

A great place to start your search is in the news; any financial implications and market fluctuations will always be broadcast. There are some great news sources out there in addition to the BBC, Property TV and Sky, such as Property Investor Today, Landlord Today, or Property Reporter, to name a few. All these resources are completely free and offer the property news stories in manageable articles. What’s more, they are all available online to read and digest wherever you are. 

You can also sign-up to Property Forum, the largest international property forum, and Property Tribes, where you can ask questions and reach out to other property developers, investors and landlords.

But, it is key to note that the news will only tell you so much. The real wealth of knowledge on the UK property market lies with the experts. Tune in to property podcasts and interviews, get commentators opinions and listen to the debates that certain updates bring. These discussions will provide you with all the angles and help you make your move based on your portfolio. 

Property Summits’ quarterly forecast is an excellent example of this. Our five experts might not necessarily agree on an approach, but their lively discussions are guaranteed to offer you a well-rounded insight into the latest property investment news and updates. Sign up today to make sure you don’t miss an episode!

And, then there’s always the Property Summit experts themselves.

Our property experts here at Property Summits all provide incredible resources and advice on how you can get started, progress and prosper in the property markets. With personal mentorship opportunities and consultations, your property investment could benefit from their expertise and know-how.

With property, the best advice comes from those who have experienced it themselves. By gaining insight from seasoned investors’ previous, personal experiences and hearing how they started, you can gain a leg up the property investment ladder. Their understanding of the markets and their preferred property investment strategy will provide you with excellent tips on how to source, manage and develop your next venture. Be sure to check out their personal websites and social media channels to ensure you are profiting from the quality insight they can offer.

Tony Gimple

A leading property tax and succession planning commentator, he is also the founder and CEO of Brand Entrepreneur Ltd. You can follow Tony on his social media channels listed below.

John Howard

An accomplished property developer with over 40 years of experience. John is also the director of a number of successful property companies too. Make sure you’re following John on social media.

Nicholas Wallwork

A seasoned property developer and investor, Nicholas is additionally the CEO of the world’s largest international property forum. Get your hands on free, educational material on his channels.

Paul Mahoney

A property entrepreneur and landlord, Paul has also founded Nova Financial Group and is an experienced Independent Financial Advisor (IFA). Paul’s social media will help keep you up-to-date.

Richard Bush

A seasoned property investor with many years of experience in the property market, Richard is the co-founder of Crowdlords, a property crowdfunding platform. His social media channels are listed below. 

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