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Property Summits brings together five of the most respected, highly skilled and experienced names in the property industry.  With a combined experience of over 100+ years in property investment, development, finance, tax and succession planning, it’s time to meet the experts.

John Howard
John Howard
Accomplished property developer, trader, investor, and best-selling author, with over
four decades worth of experience in the property industry
0 +
houses and flats purchased and sold.
0 + years
experience in the property industry.
£ 0 million
recent acquisition development funded by Homes England.

John Howard has a vast range of experience from his many property development projects, including traditional residential houses, hotels and large-scheme developments. With numerous property companies and an extensive rental portfolio, John has formed many valuable partnerships and leading industry contacts over the years.

With a passion for educating and supporting less experienced property developers and investors through his UK seminars, John’s experience, passion and enthusiasm make him an accomplished property mentor.

John recently completed a development which created 150 apartments on Ipswich Waterfront. A £27 million development partly funded by the UK government through the Homes England scheme.

John Howard Development

In addition to John’s personal property portfolio, John also invests in other investor’s property development projects through his John Howard Joint Venture Fund. Whether you’re a first-time or seasoned property investor, John can provide the much-needed finance that your property project is missing. Whilst also being able to benefit from John’s vast experience and expertise whenever you need.

John has also launched the John Howard Bond to provide investors with the opportunity to benefit from high rates of return. You will find this listed bond listed on the European and Irish Stock Market, Euronext.

John is also a Successful Author and Property TV Personality.

John shares his knowledge and offers advice through his books spanning buying property at auction, property developing and property investment. He has recently completed his fourth book on property, which will soon be available on Amazon.

In addition to his writing, John is also a regular guest on Property TV (SKY 192) and a speaker at respected property events. He is also the co-producer and star on The Property Elevator and The Property Graduate.

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