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Property Summits’ Property Forecast

Every quarter throughout 2021 and beyond, the 5 Property Summits panellists will host a ‘one of a kind’ Property Forecast online, giving their expert insight on the VERY LATEST property market news, trends and opportunities.

Set to become a staple property news event across the industry (and an essential date for every diary), the expert-let topical content on each show will offer incredible value education – for free!

Tony Gimple, John Howard, Nicholas Wallwork, Paul Mahoney and Richard Bush will draw on their decades of specialist expertise across property investment, development, finance, tax and strategy, to provide this unique, online property news event.

Catch Up on Past Episodes Here:

Episode 1: The March 2021 budget and its likely impact on UK property

This episode centred around Rishi Sunak’s March Budget and how our experts felt the UK property market would be affected. Drawing from their years of experience, the Property Summit’s experts answered questions surrounding the future of property investment in a post-Budget economy, which sparked debate on how potential tax increases would play out. 

Episode 2: Permitted Development Rights

This discussion saw our experts considering the changes to permitted development rights (PDR). With fewer planning applications and paperwork, these conversions are an excellent opportunity for developers to recycle old buildings, making them fit for residential use. 

Hosted by Emma Birchley guiding the conversation, this Property Forecast covers all you need to know about Permitted Development Rights and how this property investment strategy works within the UK property market.

Episode 3: Alternative Finance Methods

From Richard’s expertise in crowdfunding to Nicholas’ loan notes and Paul’s credibility as an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA), this episode of Property Forecasts discussed plenty of alternative finance methods.

Catch up on our experts considering all different types of creative financing and, more importantly, how these can be used by all kinds of property investors and developers. They also went onto discussed the levels of risk involved and their accessibility, including the costs associated with each method. And, of course, there was a lively debate as they all expressed their opinions on each topic.

Episode 4: Sustainable Property Development and Social Housing

This episode of Property Forecast was dedicated to sustainable property development and social housing, with our experts discussing how these options work within the property industry, as well as the general property market as a whole.

An area of the property market that is certainly experiencing a shortage in social housing. Social housing and renting to social housing tenant is a great option as a potential end and exit strategy. This episode saw the conversation discussing the gap in the supply chain further.

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